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10 years from now

Green Roofscape Miami.jpg

What if urban parking garages supported forests?






We will be deep in a fundamental shift of view… or not.  

From looking down, digging down, and drilling down for energy, we are turning now to look up for sun and wind to define and power cities.   Heliotropic buildings that lean toward the sun for both light and power suggest a new architectural orientation.   Design for natural daylighting makes the sun matter more than ever, awakening a sense of time and season that has long been dormant.  Reorienting to account for lifecycle costs rather than the price of construction also brings time into design at a scale of decades. 

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and suburban roofs made power

10 yrs from now image
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Solar Architektur Rolf Disch

Planning for sea level rise calls for consideration across centuries.  The effects of climate change will last for millennia, and radioactive waste from nuclear power remains dangerous for millions of years. 

Heading 3

What do we do tomorrow?

What do we do tomorrow?
  • Every roof can be a source of electricity from sun or wind

  • Every lawn can become a garden, every mower a gardener

  • Every garden and every farm can become a habitat for diverse plants and animals, while providing food for the table

  • Every city can be filled with trees and pedestrian spaces, while transit runs under the streets

  • Every trash bin holds resources for future use

  • Every sewer system holds nutrients for the soil

  • Every driver can switch to transit or electric vehicles

  • Every consumer can choose products that are made responsibly

  • Every citizen can participate in creating a government that leads toward sustainability

  • Everyone can learn more, do more, and dream more to imagine another way to be on this planet

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